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20th Oct

important notice .whenyou cant add the shoes to your cart at once ,please wait moment .

sometimes the net is slow . please wait moment .and then  you can add the shoes to your cart. and then you can choose your size too .

29th Oct


it is different from normal.the shipping cost to some countrys is up too much , please contact us . thanks  wholesale nike air jordan shoes

17th Jan

wholesale nike jordan shoes ,the fast shipping way, the short shipping time.

if you can add 10-20 usd extra money for the shipping cost .we will ship it by the fast DHL shipping way , it can arrive in 7 days .

17th Jun

important :if you dont know your true size ,please contact with us

if you order the wrong size . and you want to exchange it . you need to pay all the shipping cost. thanks

01th Jun

please check your tracking number with us by email .

we always dont see the message which you write in the website. if you have any other problem,please contact us by email . we will reply it at once when we are working. our email is

23th Apr

the shoes is always not including shoes boxes,if you need the shoes boxes,please contact with us

some area are not safe to ship the shoes with the shoes boxes, it will make the packages bigger. it is more safe to ship the shoes without the shoes boxes. it will make every easy to pass through the custom .

23th Apr

if you order the wrong size, you must pay for your mistake.

M  mean  men shoes,  W mean women shoes when you want the men size ,but you choose the women size ,we will ship the women size . if you have any other problem , you must contact with us . or you must pay...

15th Apr

we always ship the shoes by EMS,if you want the DHL shipping way.please contact us .or it will be a

the DHL shipping way is not free shipping,please contact us .we will add the shipping cost by email. the website cant add the shipping cost.

15th Apr

if you dont get the shoes,or you have some problem.please contact us by e-mail. this is our e-mail.

15th Apr

when you use credit card,please use the right e-mail .if you dont reply us in 7days,we will refund y

when you use credit card,please use the right e-mail .if you dont reply us in 7days,we will refund your money.

29th Jan

Every important for the shoes size. M men, W women

please choose the shoes in the right classify. for exsample  .   men size   US8.5=UK7.5=EU42       women size    US8.5=UK6=EU40 they are in the different    UK and EU size...

28th Jan

if you use the credit card, the fee will be every expensive.

the fee of credit card is expensive. if you can use the western union, the total price will be more cheap.  thanks

22th Jan

the fee of credit card is you need to add 6.5% payment to the fee,

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22th Jan

if you use our credit card payment way , you must know that some shoes maybe are out of the size ,an

discount china shoes nike jordan ,buy cheap online china nike jordan shoes

01th Oct

we use eur size in china,so men size 7 is the same long of women size 8.5. they are both in eur size

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01th Oct

when you have sent the payment,you need to send the e-mail to us,so we can ship the shoes out.

you can add our facebook to see more info about us. thanks

16th Aug

wholesale nike shoes,men shoes ,women shoes,kid shoes

we use euro size in china, so men size US 7 is same long of the women size US 8.5. US7 MEN = US 8.5 WOMEN= EURO SIZE 40 .

14th Aug

important notice. china cheap jordans for sale

if you dont  sign up register in the website,we cant reply your messages.the systern dont allow to do it.

15th May

dont worry about some price.if you buy more pairs.we will give you the best discount.

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02th Mar

cheap wholesale nike nike shoes in china,we sell many other goods too.welcome to contace

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